Ceramic Tile Stocking Products

At Fremont Floor Covering, we are the areas largest source for all your flooring needs including ceramic tile installation products. As a Schluter Authorized Dealer we have a large inventory of waterproofing membranes, uncoupling membranes, pre-fabricated shower pans, drains, profiles and many more items on hand at all times at the best pricing. Here's a list of some of the items we stock:


Ditra Uncoupling Membrane
(Sold Per Sq.Ft)
Ditra XL Uncoupling Membrane
(Sold Per Sq.Ft)
50 Different Profiles
(Colors & Sizes Vary)
Ditra Heat Uncoupling Membrane
(Sold Per Sq.Ft)
Wide Variety Pre-Fabricated Shower Pans

4" Square Brushed Nickel Drain Kits (Or Drains Only)
4" Oiled Rubbed Bronze Kit
4" Square Stainless Steel Kit
4" Tileable Kit

6" x 12" Niche
12" x 12" Niche
12" x 20" Niche
12" x 28" Niche

Kerdi Waterproofing
(Sold Per Sq.Ft)
Keba 5" Waterproofing Band
(Sold Per Linear Foot)
Kereck Inside & Outside Waterproofing Corners
Pipe Seals
Mixing Valve Seals
Kerdi Board
(1/2" x 48" x 96")
(2" x 24" x 96")
(1 1/2" x 24" x 96")
(All Sold Per Sheet)
Kerdi Board Screws & Washers KerdiFix
Drain Adaptor Kits
Kerdi Waterproofed Shower Curb Foam Shower Curb Trowels
Shower Kits
(Sizes & Finishes May Vary)
 Schluter Mortars


Tec Mortars & Grouts

Tec Power Grout
(Bag Sizes & Colors Varies)
Tec Uncoupling Mortar
(337-16 Gray)
Tec Modified Mortar
(390-16 Gray)
Schluter Set Premium
Unmodified Mortar (White)
Schluter All-Set Specialized
Modified Mortar (Gray)