We hope that you are enjoying your new hardwood.  With the proper care and maintenance your hardwood floor will look beautiful for years to come. Follow these tips for keeping your hardwood looking its best:

  • Initial Care – Following installation, clean the floor with the recommended floor cleaner
  • Routine Care – Frequently sweep/dust the floor to remove loose dirt before it can scratch or be ground into the floors surface.  Avoid use of vacuums with beater bars.  Always wipe up spills immediately.  For spot cleaning apply cleaner onto a clean cloth and rub onto the spot/  Never apply wax topical to your urethane floor.
  • Periodic Care – Follow instructions for routine care.  Spray recommended cleaner directly onto the floor and wipe with a sponge mop or appropriate cleaning applicator.  Do not allow puddles of cleaner to remain on the floors surface.  Excess liquid may damage the fiber of the wood.

Follow these preventive tips to keep your floor looking its best:


  • Wipe up spills immediately
  • Use door mats and throw rugs outside room entrances and in front of kitchen sink and refrigerator to help keep dirt and grit off your floor, , and prevent damage and excess wear.
  • Place runners and area rugs (with slip resistant backings) along high traffic areas
  • Move heavy appliances and furniture by using a dolly rolled over plywood or pressed board.
  • Use floor protector pads on all legs of furniture.
  • Keep the relative humidity in your home between the recommended settings from the manufacturer.
  • Protect your floor from direct sunlight.


  • Use any of the following products (or similar in nature) on your floor – ammonia based cleaners, vinyl floor dressings, wax based products, detergents, bleach, polished and oil soaps or abrasive cleaning soaps – as they could do permanent damage to your floors.’
  • Allow water to stand on your floor for any length of time.
  • Walk across your floor in poorly maintained shoes with heal taps, spike heels or with any sharp object protruding from your shoe.
  • Allow furniture to rest on the floor on small metal tips or hard domes.
  • Use rollers on bottom of chairs or furniture.